paper: RC Servo Signal Generator

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RC Servo Signal Generator
by: Ether

You can easily generate a PWM signal to drive a Victor, Jaguar, or Talon using the RTS & DTR pins of the RS232 serial port on an old junker laptop with an early Pentium or 486 processor.

NOTE: The third attachment below is a pre-compiled ready-to-run program. You don’t have to do any programming if you don’t want to.

Code Examples 20120809.pdf (46 KB)
PWM DEMO (1.61 KB)
PWM-GEN (129 KB)
Make a DOS boot diskette 20120810.pdf (74 KB)
Signal conversion circuit 20120809.pdf (118 KB)
PWM Signal Generator 2012-08-13.pdf (71.4 KB)
FreeDOS boot USB 2012-08-13.pdf (81.3 KB)

Added Code Examples and RTS signal conditioning attachments.

*There was a small error in the Code Examples so I updated that file.

I also uploaded a complete working demo program (full source code) that can serve as a starting point for creating your own app. Just add a user interface. Or, you can just use the TP7 IDE as the user interface.

Remember: this program works properly ONLY on DOS machine, where the app has full and exclusive control of the machine and direct access to the hardware.

It will not work properly in a “DOS Window” under Windows.

*I just uploaded a beta-test version of a ready-to-run app which supports both the RTS and DTR pins of the RS232, so you can generate two independently-adjustable PWM signals with one RS232 serial port:

Note that you can drive up to 4 motor controllers (in parallel) with each signal.

Screenshot of the user interface. I’d be interested in constructive feedback from users.