Paper (Really): How to Watch the 2019 FIRST Deep Space Robotics Game

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This guide explains the basic flow of the FIRST “Destination: Deep Space” Robotics Game to a VIP, family member or visitor who is new to the program. It suggests what to watch on the field and tells why robots are doing what they are doing. Scoring is explained with examples and predictions.How to Watch 2019 Deep Space.docx (184.0 KB)

“Try to look through the long cargo ship thing in the middle to see what’s happening on an entire half of the field, and try to pay attention at the end on whether scores were assigned for HAB climbs during the match or not so you have an idea if the live score at the end of the match even comes close to what the final score will be.”


Nice paper! Just a small fix, the HAB Level 3 height is 19" above HAB Level 1, and not 12".

Interesting. Here’s our attempt at something similar.

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Thanks. I appreciate getting the correction.
It shows you are paying attention.

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