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Recruitment poster ideas
by: Andrew Schuetze

After viewing a white paper from the FireBirds which contained some fun recruitment posters, I gave it a shot with these four ideas.

Potential recruitment posters

Toltechs07posters.doc (351 KB)

I could use a few more ideas. Post yours if you have any :cool:

Here was my inspiration for these four posters. (I used two of their 17 ideas and developed two of my own based upon their style. I hope to develop more and hope that others may share theirs for all to copy, use, or modify.)
Fire Birds posters from 2005


While I understand they are your inspiration most are downright copies, using something as an inspiration is fine, but copying it changing a few things and putting your team name on it is not.

As for ideas hmm. It is something I will have to think about…
Ok, if this was on a poster it would hit home for me.
“Ever wanted to build something above LEGOs? Ever wanted to program something more than the VCR? Ever want to recreate an object in a 3d environment? We do. Join the robotics team.”
“Have you ever sat in class with graph paper and a ruler drawing robots? During recess? We have. Join the robotics team.”
That is all I can think up right now, wow, I really like those…

This was last years poster for Team 1732.

I made a whole series of posters for team 269 last year using some old photos.
Now, I know there are a lot of them here, and they are pretty high resolution, but maybe you can get a few ideas from these.

I think it would be neato to have one for this year that simply shows a great big green rectangle and reads “Come towards the green light!” on top with some team info on the bottom…

I haven’t made any yet, but I’m planning on making some posters for my team in the near future.

I don’t have any real “ideas” yet, but I have some advice.

I’m assuming your going to be posting these at school?

I don’t know about your school but whatever gets posted at my school tends to get vandalized (especially if its in the quad, where the most people are).

Many people have come up with clever defense to the vandalism. The best method is to find some extremely tall person to put up the posters; thereby placing them out of harm’s way.

As for making the posters consider whom you are advertising to. Do you want to portray your team as cool, hardworking, educational, successful, fun, or exciting? If you show your team to be something that it is not then people may join for the wrong reasons.

Also, just as a recommendation, I’d suggest avoiding trite mottos.

Those are some great posters, but I do have a bit of a suggestion:

One of the major points of recruitment that I like to focus on (because it is often missed) is that you don’t need to know what robotics is to become part of the team, all you need is motivation and the willingness to do what it needs to succede. Not everyone on a team actually builds or takes part in the design process, however, there are plenty of other jobs that a team has or can make that aren’t directly related to the robot. The more jobs that you can find that don’t deal directly with the robot, the larger your team will be, and it will probably increase your team performance and maybe even get you to the level where you can win chairmans. Remember that Chairman’s is the highest honor and not the Einstein Champion, so in order to give yourself the best chance at Chairman’s you have to start working at it with your recruitment.

So in doing that, maybe you want to say what kind of jobs your asking people to do on your team, and list them on your poster, and hopefully you’ll get someone that you never expected to join the team to join up.

Have fun recruiting!

I have made a few posters for my team. (948)
We needed a boost in name recognition, so first i put out a rip off of the old army poster with uncle sam pointing his finger. I photoshopped in the face of our president and edited it to say “I want you for Newport Robotics!” They are literally everywhere. One defense against against vandalism is to put out so many that it doesnt matter. Our approach in the past had been to target nerds (sorry there was no better way to say that). Robotics is highly socially unpopular at my school, and we attract much of the nerd crowd already. My goal with the posters was to target people one step up. The people who have genuine interest but dont do it because none of their friends do and they think it’s uncool. My next poster quotes Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” and underneath a team picture says “Give it a try- join robotics today!” It also includes info on the next meeting.
Anyway, i was looking for more ways to get people over that social hurdle. Any ideas?