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Recycle Rush Game Manual Test
by: MooreteP

This is a test for the FRC 2015 Recycle Rush Game Manual.
It is divided into 4 Sections: The Game, Qualifications & Eliminations, The Robot, and the Drive Team

This is a test that you are free to edit, hence the lack of numbers for the questions.
An MSWord document and a pdf.
It is designed to test your team (mentors included) on the Manual and familiarize them with the game and its vagaries this year.
The test should help to winnow your team members to their roles, while improving their understanding of the logistics of a competition.

There is an answer key, and if you PM me with your email address, I will send it.

But you should probably try to make your own answer key.

Recycle_Rush_Drive_Team_Game_Rules_and_Robot_Design_Test_Final.docx (1.98 MB)
Recycle_Rush_Drive_Team_Game_Rules_and_Robot_Design_Test_Final.pdf (1.24 MB)

This is an incredible resource for teams!!! A good deal better than the one I sent you!

This is great thanks for all your effort in putting this together . Our team is fixing to have a pop quiz .

Ever Team should download this test it has been a great way to get the team in the rule book and understanding it cover to cover.

Did you ever look at the socrative quiz I made out of your test? It is very easy to administer, immediately gives you the results, allows you to print or export to excel for documentation and is FREE.

Great test to help team understand rules and to use to test potential drivers.

Bumping the thread so more teams can find the test.

Thank you for all the nice PM’s.

Pushing 560 downloads for the latest version so far.

In the end, I hope this test improves your teams understanding of the rules of Recycle Rush and competition logistics.

Another Snow Day in New England. :eek:

This is awesome! This is a great test to take in order to understand the game better. Our team also makes our own rules test that all of our drive team and scouting team has to pass, it has helped immensely.

Great test. All teams could benefit from this test.

Thanks, I’ll definitely be giving this to our drive team.

The test is very clear and easy to follow…an excellent tool for our Rookie team…a great way to make sure all students (and mentors) understand the game. Thank you!!

Fantastic resource for busy mentors who want to ensure their students are prepared for competition!

Used successfully in the Hoosier state!

Missed this early on, but still very useful before comp day.