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Resources for Rookies
by: ManicMechanic

_Two documents are attached:

  1. Vex for the Technically Challenged (updated, v. 2.0) and
  2. A Clueless Coach’s Companion to the FIRST Tech Challenge_

    “Vex for the Technically Challenged” is a technical guide for coaches and teams that are new to robotics, and Vex in particular. It provides some foundational material on basic mechanics, sensor use, and programming.

“A Clueless Coach’s Companion” is a bit of light reading which will eat up some of the copious free time that rookie coaches typically enjoy :-).

A third document, “Robot Recipes” - a cookbook guide of building projects, will hopefully be offered soon.

Technically challenged 2-0.pdf (1.24 MB)
Clueless Coach.pdf (179 KB)

The most recent update/upgrade to Technically Challenged is posted here:

The Clueless Coaches’ Companion was not updated this summer, but a major expansion on Robot Recipes, titled Vex Machinations is available at the same link.