paper: Rethink Robotics 2011 Campaign

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Rethink Robotics 2011 Campaign
by: synth3tk

Simple campaign to gain student interest in schools.

As Team 964 starts to receive more money, I couldn’t help but notice our consistently-low student numbers. The idea for this campaign came from listening to some of the students’ views about a robotics club.

The posters and [pending] website aim to draw in students by showcasing some benefits of joining a robotics team that they may not necessarily think about when considering signing up for robotics, including highlighting various roles on a team.

These are probably the first of many posters. Feel free to edit them as you see fit. All I ask is that you share your edited versions, and the comments/results they obtain.

2011 Rethink Fun.doc (850 KB)
2011 Rethink Positions.doc (608 KB)
2011 Rethink Scholarships.doc (125 KB)