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RoboStore Cart
by: MrRoboSteve

The RoboStore is a storage cart designed to hold nine standard flip top containers. It fits through common doorway sizes.

FRC Team 3081, Kennedy RoboEagles, uses a pair of these rolling storage cabinets to save setup/teardown time during build season. We think they save about 20 minutes per build session, as we need to clear out of our build shop (it’s a classroom) after each session.

The bottom three shelves hold 9 standard flip top bins, and the top shelf can be used for smaller items. Each end of the cabinet has a 24” square white board.

The handles are set at offset heights to allow carts to be stored next to each other, and keep hands away from the edge of the cart to avoid pinching.

Carts fit through a standard 30” doorway.

Carts are color coded, and bins are color coded, numbered, and labeled

RoboStore Drawings Rev 1.pdf (286 KB)

Nice carts,:slight_smile: