paper: Robot in a box

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Robot in a box
by: Bertman

FRC Team 418 created a Robot-In-A-Box in order to provide a platform that could be used to (1)train new students in programming, (2) mentor other FRC teams, (3) make their build season more efficient, and (4) to solve code problems when the robot was unavailable.

FRC Team 418’s Robot-in-a-Box is a portable clam shell design intended to allow our team and other teams to design, practice, and test code for FRC robots. While in this case this is it’s primary mission, it could be used by anybody to test code for a cRio. It can be configured may ways. It is currently being used with the cRio, but was originally intended to be used with the 2009 drivers station (visible in some photographs).

This year we changed drive train to a hybrid mecanum/ tank drive and allowed us to have the operator code for the drive train completely written and tested by the time the robot itself was built.

RiaB(Sebastien)Edit2[1].doc (7.24 MB)