paper: Robot Recipes: A Cookbook Approach to Building with Vex

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Robot Recipes: A Cookbook Approach to Building with Vex
by: ManicMechanic

A step-by-step builder’s guide with 5 (well, really 4) projects.

Intended for rookie builders, each “recipe” contains a list of parts needed, parts to cut, project notes on the theory and operation of the model shown, a building sequence of digital photos, and programming instructions.

robot recipes.pdf (1.57 MB)

For the Chin-upbot, (project #2), under “Parts to cut”, the instructions for cutting of angle bars are wrong.

The INCORRECT version currently reads:
Cut 3 X 15” angle bars into 2.5” + 12.5” (on the notch) – only the 2.5” pieces are used
Cut 1 X 15” angle bar into 5” + 10” (on the notch) – only the 10” piece is used

The CORRECT version should read:
Cut 3 X 15" angle bars into 5" + 10" (on the notch) - only the 5" pieces are used
From one of the remaining 10" pieces, cut one 7.5" piece (on the notch – this is the center section)

My apologies – I hope the error doesn’t cause too much frustration & wasted metal. In our eagerness to start on the Challenge, we were a bit hasty in wrapping up this project.

even with the mistakes, this paper has been great for my FTC team. It’s our second year but i graduated all my members from last year. It has given us a starting point for our design. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

A greatly expanded version of building instructions, renamed Vex Machinations, is now posted here:

It has 16 projects that fall into 3 categories: Vex Starter Kit projects, Beginning Programming projects, and Advanced Mechanical projects.