paper: Robotics 4 Rookies

Created this discussion thread for… discussion purposes.

This was created thanks to the wonderful Robotics 4 Rookies team from The Kinetic Knights—feel free to use as you wish!

Robotics 4 Rookies
by: Yipyapper

A presentation created by 781 to introduce, inform, assist and provide some suggestions for ground work on a new team.

This presentation informs rookies (and anyone who wishes to catch up on something, for that matter) about FIRST and what it stands for, the tournaments and the process therein, some details on our own team’s system of operations and other bits of information to teach new or prospective teams what FIRST is all about and what they can expect from the organization—using Team 781 as a template.

Robotics4Rookies.pdf (1.19 MB)