paper: Schematic, 2015

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Schematic, 2015
by: kstl99

Schematic of 2015 control system.

Here are some schematics My daughter and I made for the new control system. This should be the same for most teams. We will just need to add in motors, sensors and solenoids when we determine what we need.

TINMAN 2014-2015.wdp (1.69 KB)
TinManIX-01.dwg (149 KB)
TinManIX-02.dwg (123 KB)
TinManIX-03.dwg (485 KB)
2015 Schematics.pdf (121 KB)

The radio should be hooked up to the 5V/2A output of the VRM, not the 12V/2A output.

What CAD software did you use to draw your schematic?