paper: Scoring for scouting database

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Scoring for scouting database
by: wheeler

here is an excel scoring sheet that will allow you to link the end of match data to an access database.

Here is a spreadsheet that we have been working on.

This one has some things that are taken for granted such as you would not put a blue on a red leg. This will allow that as this was made as a way to aquire end of match information to put into an access database for scouting purposes.

If you are interested in the scouting side I will have that later this week.
The scoring worksheet is for scoring the match and the data worksheet gives you a row of data for the database.

In the scoring sheet you need to have a match number to set the new row in the data sheet. To set match number just click the match button until the number is correct.

scoreRacknRoll.xls (735 KB)

I need some VB help in excel. I just learned vb like 2 days ago and everything is fine except i get a runtime error ‘424’ everytime i run this function.
>>Public Function Change()
>> If newHigh = newHigh2 Then
>> cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 'It says the error is here
>> cell2.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 'And it could be here
>> If newHigh = newHigh3 Then
>> cell3.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 'And here
>> If newHigh = newHigh4 Then cell4.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 'and here
>> End If
>> Else
>> cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 'and finally here
>> End If
>>End Function
I have basically added to the program and have taken nothing out of it. Good job though on your work. You may want to fix the problem with adding too many ringers after the autonomous mode.