paper: Scouting Forms from Team 115

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Scouting Forms from Team 115
by: sarcasticmadnes

These are scouting forms developed by our team for use to find information about teams over the course of the competition.

Here are three excel files that basically sum up how our team does scouting. The pit sheet is a basic overview of what the robot does and there’s space for a picture. The stand sheet is to record robot performance during a match. MVRT Scouting Sheet is for entering data electronically and displays average points/game, end of match bonuses, penalties, etc. There are also separate sheets created for each team to track match-by-match performance. Note that Scouting Sheet was created for the Silicon Valley Regional, but the team numbers can be modified for any team’s use at any regional.

MVRTScouting2008.xls (179 KB)
Pit_Sheet_2008.xls (17.5 KB)
Stand_Sheet_2008_Revised.xls (16.5 KB)