Paper Scouting Sheets

I am developing a workshop to teach less rookies and other new teams easy ways to scout. I want to show them several examples of scouting sheets from over the years as part of an example of how to design the sheets based off of the game.

I was wondering if anyone could either send me some old sheets, or point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Quinn Schiller
FRC 1983 Skunkworks
Lead Scouting Analyst

P.S. If you send in old sheets, please include the year and game name.

Figuring out what to do with your stack of completed paper scouting sheets is a challenge. I suggest addressing that if you are going to provide examples of scouting sheets.

We use 1 sheet per team, and I LOVE our new sheets. Because all 12 matches (usually 7-10 when making a pick list) are on the same sheet, we use the sheets to help sort teams. The new sheet makes this so much easier than the old sheets (thank you 3929). You should be able to see a nice evolution of our single sheet system.

As far as what do I do with old sheets? I tend to save them. We use them time from time when doing stats relative to games, or week 1 vs. week X or OPR vs. “real” scoring or why does team X seem to win every match or…

Just be very careful not to loose a sheet.

PM me your e-mail address and I’ll shoot you an example of sheets that we used in 2012.

As for organizing them, someone suggested to me a while back on here to try out the accordian organizer and we never looked back. We labeled each slot to hold a range of team numbers and it worked out well, a lot better than a 3 ring binder.

We use laminated sheets and wet-erase markers. The sheets are scanned and read by a computer, and the data put into a database.

this thread details the system, and also has an example scouting sheet.

A simple entry and analytics system will also be part of the workshop, but I want to display as many different types of input sheets as possible.

We used Spam’s 180 scouting sheet this year.
We have used it for many years now with great success.

Thank you Team 180 !

Here’s ours. We use a matrix format similar to 33’s that integrates pit and pre-event scouting. We split the “tracking” portion–where do you get discs, how do you cross the field, where do you shoot–onto separate shipping labels that other scouts fill out and slap on the back of the matrix sheet. Usually we don’t want to track every team we scout, so this gives us some flexibility while allowing the matrix sheet to be simple enough to do a few simultaneously at most events.

Here is ours. Each team has one sheet that tracks said team through all their matches. Because we do districts we usually have 30-40 sheets at any event. We keep these sheets in a pocket portfolio in order by team number. Between each match we collect and distribute the sheets.

I would contact Team 862. We used their scouting system and it worked out great! It’s very indepth and precise. They always have great scouting material.

We made some for this year, that helped us accurately predict the outcome of Saturday matches on Friday night. Visit our site for all the info.

While it’s not paper scouting, that thread details our IPA Scouting System (HTML5 Webapp) that was open to all teams at Queen City, Crossroads, and Curie Division @ CMP this year. We’re looking to open it to all of the FRC community, at all regionals, next year, so if you’d be interested in electronic scouting, perhaps take a look!

Here is our paper scouting sheet from Ultimate Ascent. We only used it as a backup for when our electronic system crashed for whatever reason for a match or two (tripping on ethernets mostly), so it isn’t all that detailed. It was designed for three teams on a page to save paper.

Team 537’s 2013 Paper Scouting.doc (30 KB)

Team 537’s 2013 Paper Scouting.doc (30 KB)

We use a version of SPAM’s system as well. We hold it all in a hanging file folder with individual folders for each team(it’s like $5 for a hundred of them). There is normally only one sheet per team in each folder but sometimes we will have notes or the little descriptions teams give out about their robots in with the scouting sheets.

6 people scouting, one lead handing out the sheets and one person entering data. These position overlap on occasion but we try to have 8-10 people in the stands doing it at a time.

That seems much cheeper than using dividers. They take so long to file sheets and are expensive.

Are the Q1-Q12 parts on the side of the sheet time slots?

Not sure whose you’re talking about, but they sound like qual matches. 12 is about the max per event.

Thanks. For some reason I thought it was different time periods for each game.

We use something like this.

And these are the folders though we can find them cheaper at Walmart.

It’s sort of annoying to need a new set for each regional but I guess we could keep them all and just have one per team forever. Then we could reuse from year to year.

I learned this method from doing Inspections at different event. When you remove a sheet from it’s folder turn the folder sideways so you know which ones are currently out of the box. If you label both the top and side of each folder it’s very fast to get them in and out between matches.

340 has found that these sheets are extremely helpful. These are printed on 11x17 inch paper, and you just use tallies to mark what a team has done in their match. They’re great at showing trends (whether a team has improved, or gotten worse), and they are easy to read and understand- and they’ll never give you the blue screen of death! Maybe Justin can show you what a filled out one looks like (he’s got 340’s framed in his room from last year :stuck_out_tongue: ).