Paper Scouting Sheets

We use one sheet per team with a row for each match and a column for each part of the match (ie auto, shooting, climb, etc) this makes it easy to look down the list and see how consistant their robot is, however i’ve heard larger teams often use individual sheets for each team each match because it means more people can scout resulting in more accurate data.

Thank you everyone for sending me these sheets. I will be sure to use them and credit them to their appropriate creators.

Are there any other “Best Practices” I should be sure to include in this workshop?

I would recommend, if you are going to show them paper scout sheets, to make sure they are aware that they need to keep them organized using something like a binder, which I use, or an accordian folder, which team 20 used. We have had great luck the last two years at CT partly due to strategy, and our scouting systems have really helped. Also, I’m not sure exactly what you are planning to cover or how in depth, but you might want to touch on backscouting and pit scouting too. I know I do a lot of work, along with the rest of my team, but it has been paying off for us… Oh, and I can’t see the sheets that other teams are using, but for the most accurate data, especially pit scouting, warn them to stay away from opinion questions. Then the data quality can vary from person to person. And have them make sure that they are very organized, like schedules and time slots for scouting, because I know I have run in to problems having not enough scouts, and my team has 40+ members. Having the same people doing it the whole time can be exhausting… I know that was a lot, but that’s my main job on my team so…
Just my take!

Special note - with binders, if you get plastic separators you can use stick on tabs and then just reuse them each competition. Easy way for them to save money if they want to.

2056 released their scouting sheet during a webinar earlier this year. It can be found here.

I saw someone walking around with one of these… and was so jealous.