paper: Season Long Fantasy FIRST Rules

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Season Long Fantasy FIRST Rules
by: EricH

Complete rules of Season Long Fantasy FIRST.

This is the rule set that Season Long Fantasy FIRST uses as of 10/19/2018

Change Log:
10/19/18: Full update with scoring, drafting, leadership, and other considerations for the 2018-2019 season.
11/8/17: Forgotten item in scoring added.
11/7/17: Full overhaul by the Key Committee addressing just about everything.
7/22/17: First of two planned updates, addressing leadership structure, timekeeping devices, and flagging where more changes are planned.

FF Draft Runner Tips.docx (14.2 KB)
Season Long Fantasy FIRST Rules 2018-2019.docx (125 KB)

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Looks like I’m going to have to do this the hard way. Most recent post has the most recent rulebook.

Season Long Fantasy FIRST Rules 2019-2020.docx (123.3 KB) DRAFT VERSION
–Attendance requirement is now stiffer–2/3 of picks over 3 drafts
–Requiring 2+ person teams, except grandfathered players
–Adding further clarification on leadership
–Added scheduling/scoring note for exceptional circumstances