paper: Set and display your Auto-Mode using LabVIEW and the Driver Station

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Set and display your Auto-Mode using LabVIEW and the Driver Station
by: PhilBot

_In the past we’ve used DIP Switches, but this year we’re using joystick buttons and the Driver Station LCD to set/display our Auto Modes.

This paper provides a simple model (complete with VI source) that can be used by any team to do the same._

This white paper (and labVIEW VI) shows how team1629 is setting our Auto Mode using joystick buttons and dispaying the selection on the Driver Station.

The also saves the selection to flash so it remembers it from one match to the next.

It uses the low level VI’s that come with the “Custom Status on the Driver Station LCD Example” just uploaded to WPI’s thinktank and the NI community forum. (I provide a link in the document)

You need to add the example’s \DriverStationLCD folder to your project folder to use this code. (41.4 KB)

FYI, there is a new Driver Station update that enables us to write stuff to the LCD screen (either in the main page, or on a second “user” page).
Driver Station Software Update image 2009-01-22c1

There is also an example with libraries available (LabVIEW or C++) to use in your code to access the LCD display.

Based on these two items, I just uploaded a white-paper showing how to use the example libraries to set and display your auto-mode using LabVIEW and the LCD display.

(Note: You need to download the official example to get the low-level drivers to talk to the LCD display.)