paper: Skunkworks Robotics Team 1983, Management Plan, 2007 - 2008

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Skunkworks Robotics Team 1983, Management Plan, 2007 - 2008
by: Bob Steele

This plan documents the management approach for the Aviation High School (AHS) robotics team. The AHS robotics team is registered as Team #1983 Skunkworks under the FIRST. This management plan sets forth the Skunkworks’ plan for managing the team, including; objectives, organization, design/build strategy, student teams, parent team, and mentor team.

AHS Skunkworks FIRST robotics Team #1983 is only a second year team but our support from our community has been outstanding with 17 mentors, 38 students, parents and faculty committed to the FIRST vision. To fully utilize this level of support and rise to the expectations of our community we have set our goal to be a premier FIRST team, supporting all aspects of the FIRST vision with focus on mentoring and advancing FIRST in the Pacific Northwest region. This lofty goal requires a robust organizational approach that adapts to FIRST goals and team limitations inherent of volunteer organizations.

We are submitting for review and comment our team planning documents as developed by our Systems Integration Team of students and mentors. We see this as the first step in a continuous improvement process that we intend to share with the FIRST community.

Management Plan 2.0 wo pics.doc (658 KB)

Team 1983 has also posted our Management plan for public use, and comment. Please feel free to download it and make it your own. We do request that you inform us if you find the information useful, or if you have suggestions on how we can further improve them. We were able to take the Entrepreneurship and Safety awards at the Oregon regional with these materials. We hope that they will prove helpful for you as well. This document is best used alongside our other documents, so we also encourage you to check out our business plan and safety plan in the white papers section, and our scouting plan. Thanks!