paper: Skunkworks, Team 1983, Robotics Scouting Plan, 2007-2008

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Skunkworks, Team 1983, Robotics Scouting Plan, 2007-2008
by: AnthonyN1983

Easy to use pit scouting and match scouting sheet for FRC Overdrive 2007-2008. Includes graphs and analysis.

Included in this document is the Aviation High School Scouting report for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The overall purpose of this form is to document scouting reports in a concise and organized manner. Each page contains different areas of scouting and how to document them. The second page of this document contains a blank form for Pit Scouting. The fourth page is a blank form for match scouting. Spreadsheets are also included within this document as well as analysis sheets.

Scouting Plan final v2.doc (883 KB)
seating.xls (49 KB)

Team 1983 has now also posted our scouting plan for public use, and comment. Please feel free to download it and make it your own. We do request that you inform us if you find the information useful, or if you have suggestions on how we can further improve them. We hope that they will prove helpful for you as well. We also encourage you to check out our business plan, safety and health plan, and management plan in the white papers section. Thanks!