paper: Souvenir Regional Ticket

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Souvenir Regional Ticket
by: Pat Arnold

Team 1557 created a Florida Regional “ticket” & just received our Regional Committee’s approval. Tickets will be sent to team supporters & handed out at upcoming community events.

Tickets were created as a way to meet Dean Kamen’s 2010 team homework & encourage greater spectator attendance at our regional. Complimentary tickets serve as a useful reminder of an event & as a souvenir. Although we thought the idea was unique, it seems Team 2493 had the same idea! They’ve posted a white paper with their tickets. Here is ours.


Hi Pat, thanks for the kudos in the description of your ticket. The ticket looks awesome.

Credit for the idea goes to team 1511 - Rolling Thunder. 2493 was just building on their awesome idea.

It seems a few of us had the same thought. Somehow a “ticket” just makes a memorable invitation. I love the clean look of your tickets. Ours were made using a ticket template, but are more costly to print (in ink & paper). I’d be interested in seeing 1511’s; the creativity of FIRST teams is amazing.