paper: SPAM 2013 Poor Man's Scouting System

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SPAM 2013 Poor Man’s Scouting System
by: Warren Boudreau

SPAMs poor man’s scouting system is for teams that have more people than money. It requires just one laptop to store the data collected by scouters using (gasp) paper and pen.

This year’s Database has quite a few changes. Hopefully, you will consider them improvements.

If you have any questions, send me a note.

2013 Scouting Questionnaire_Mark_I.doc (30 KB)
2013_Scouting_Database_Mark_I.xls (870 KB) (731 KB)
2013scoutingAsize_Mark_I.pdf (287 KB)
2013_Scouting_Pyramid_Time.xls (780 KB)

Thanks for posting this every year Warren and Team 180!

We find the print out sheets work well for scouting.

I am curious as to the purpose of the questions about bumper quality

As a general rule of thumb, bumper quality directly correlates to robot quality.

well someone could be OCD about how there bumpers look, and be a rookie team just getting started with robotics. Not really being a good robot but thats just my .02$

Being a rookie does not imply the robot isn’t good.

Bumper quality is an “attention to detail” measure. Teams that get little things right tend to do better on the big things.


There is a school of thought that says that bumper quality closely correlates to machine quality and our lead strategist ascribes to that philosophy.

There are exceptions to this rule, but it works for a first pass.


On the optional thursday sheet what does “6. Potential Disc Trap?” mean?

I’m thinking it would mean there appears to be a potential for discs to get stuck in the superstructure (which would lower the capacity of controllable discs, since you can’t possess more than four).

A potential disc trap is a robot that has some part of their structure where discs can easily get stuck during play.

A stuck disc reduces a robots offensive ability by not allowing it to carry as many scoring discs at once.

While we would never propose intentionally getting a disc stuck on a robot, we do take this into account by having that robot stay away from flying discs, if possible, when they are on our alliance.