paper: SPAM 2017 Poor Man's Scouting System

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SPAM 2017 Poor Man’s Scouting System
by: Warren Boudreau

Back by popular demand. Apologies for not getting it out sooner. I had a week 1 event to plan.

The SPAM Poor Man’s Scouting System is for teams that use paper rather than tablets.

This year’s edition uses data gathered from Rachel Lim’s Component OPR Google sheet. It can be found at:

I put this one together rather quickly, so look over your results carefully.

2017_Thursday_Scouting.pdf (29.3 KB)
2017_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v1.0.pdf (1.24 MB)
2017_Scouting_Database_v1.0.xls (1.82 MB)
v2.0_Changes.pdf (3.99 KB)
2017_Thursday_Scouting_v2.0.pdf (29.4 KB)
2017_Scouting_Sheet_Legal_v2.0.pdf (1.24 MB)
2017_Scouting_Database_v2.0.xls (1.81 MB)

Thank you for posting your scouting sheets.

Congrats on your Orlando Regional win !

Your welcome and thank you.

It was an eventful weekend.

I am waiting for feedback from the scouting crew to see if a v2.0 is needed.

Based on results, maybe not.

Warren Boudreaux
“So many hats, so little hair.”

v2.0 files have been uploaded. Changes are documented in the v2.0_Changes file.