paper: Spectrum 3847 Build Log 2012

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Spectrum 3847 Build Log 2012
by: AllenGregoryIV

Our build log from the 2012 FRC Season.

This is the compiled version of our 2012 build log. It was originally posted to our blog ( It was updated everyday of build season. A lot things have changed on the robot since build season ended; in the future we are going to try to do this all the way through our last competition.

Spectrum 3847 Build Log 2012.pdf (1.82 MB)

This is great! I love the inspirational quotes you included. Kudos to your team on a great season, and for documenting your experience.


Thanks John, your build logs inspired this. I hope more teams start to do this in the future.

Some of my students are thinking about doing them along side mine, so we might get a build season of the same robot from different perspectives next year.

Hopefully, I’ll see you at TRR this summer.