Paper Stand Scouting Sheet

In the past we have always used paper stand scouting sheets however this year we are working on developing an electronic scouting system. If not we will make half sheet booklets with the sheets attached below. let me know what you think.

Stand Scouting Front with Back3.docx (57.4 KB)

Stand Scouting Front with Back3.docx (57.4 KB)

It may be worth adding in what the robot does with the tower(Challenge, Scale, Nothing.) Also, is it worth nothing the speed in both the auto and tele-op? It seems redundant considering you’ll know what they do in auto and the time they did it in.

I might simplify this sheet a bit. It looks like a lot for a human observer to keep track of.
But then again, with all the soucres of gaining and losing points in this game, making a simple scouting sheet that also gives you the full picture at alliance selection time may not be possible. We’ll get a better idea of how to scout this game when competition season gets into swing in February.

That makes sense. I added that just in case a robot did a specific defense in autonomous and decided not to run it in teleop. That way when I’m looking at an overview I can get a general time for any defenses they attempted. But i do understand that it seems redundant if they do the same defense in both auto and teleop. Thanks for the response.

I think that’s a good idea. I’ve done scouting a couple times and it’s anything but simple, so any way to simplify it would really help. Good idea, guys!