paper: Starting with CAD

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Starting with CAD
by: bardd

A short tutorial to the principals behind CAD and how to approach a CAD project.

This tutorial was written by my teammate, Nir Magrafta, a member of our CAD team.
This article is not designed to teach CAD, but to teach the right way of working with CAD.
We hope you find this tutorial helpful!
More tutorials from The Spikes, on many topics, are yet to come :slight_smile:

Starting with CAD.pdf (10.1 KB)

This is a tutorial written by one of my teammates, Nir Magrafta (who is not active in CD). This was written to help beginner CADDers start their project.
We hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful!
If you have any suggestions for changes or corrections, we would love to adress them.

This is but the first of several tutorials on many topics, we hope the information we publish and will publish will help new people and teams get their bearings, and perhaps teach veterans something they did not know before.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: