paper: Stryke Force 2017 swerve

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Stryke Force 2017 swerve
by: Cory Walters

Third coast drive details and history from Stryke Force

History and descriptions of FRC 2767 swerve development. Along with Links to swerve code and CAD files.

Link to Swerve code:

Link to 2017 robot CAD files:

Mechanical Design Description of Stryke Force Swerve Drive Units.docx (1.52 MB)

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Started a discussion to let the great people of Cheif Delphi know that I have updated the white paper.

I have added two links to the white paper. One is to github, which has the java swerve code of 2017. The other, is to the CAD files on grabcad for the 2017 robot.

Link to Third Coast Swerve code:

Link to 2017 robot CAD files:

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