paper: Synergy 975 Basketball Catapult

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Synergy 975 Basketball Catapult
by: Synergy_975

Instructions for construction of the basketball catapult. The catapult was designed to help students with wheelchairs play basketball.

Synergy 975 has designed a wheelchair powered catapult to help students in motorized wheelchairs shoot free throws. The project was requested by the Rapid Fire basketball team to help students, who cannot otherwise, make shots.

The instructions include three pages with diagrams and descriptions.

Basketball Catapult Instructions.pdf (968 KB)

Hey guys, this year our team was approached by one of the special education teachers at our school. He is also the coach for the basketball team that they all play on. His request was that our team design and build a mechanism that would allow wheelchair bound students, who normally wouldn’t be able to shoot baskets, to do so.

Here is a news segment done by our local NBC news station:

While I have only seen it in action once, the reactions on the kids faces when they made a shot was priceless, and they could not stop thanking us for giving them the ability to do so. I hope that many of you can find a way to do the same thing at your school.