paper: Teaching Labview with Pong

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Teaching Labview with Pong
by: Bpk9p4

I created this pong game in labview to teach students how to program in labview

Over the past 2 years i have been teaching kids how to program in labview by teaching them how to make pong. I figured other teams might be able to use this program.

Krone_Pong (313 KB)

Hello, I am very new to LabView, just helped our students make a simple Celsius to Ferenheight conversion program. I would really like to help them make a simple Pong game, (As simple as possible). How do you walk them through it? Should I start by having them look at your game and try to copy it? Do you have any tutorials or videos? Thanks for any help you can provide. Your teaching through the game of Pong idea is awesome!

I think this is a great tool for learning LabVIEW. It is also really well documented so that it should be fairly easy to follow. An experiment for your kids to expand on this might be to try and add a second “bar” on the right side to play against it.

One thing I would caution is that while this is really neat and fun, if you are in a pinch right now on programming the skills they would learn from this (while great skills) won’t be directly applicable to FIRST robot programming.