paper: Team 1114 2016 + 2016 Offseason Code Release (Java)

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Team 1114 2016 + 2016 Offseason Code Release (Java)
by: Kaleb Dodd

Code for our 2016 robot Simbot Sentinel and our off season drive base.

1114’s code for the 2016 season and 2016 off season written in Java using iterative robot. (7.08 MB) (6.71 MB)

2016 Code features:

  • 4 sub autos that are combined to make the final autonomous routine for each match.
  • Bézier curves to map driver input to the robots output for better control of sensitivity when using the analog sticks.
    Off season features:
  • Motion profiling code based off of Team 254’s 2015 code and presentation

Thanks for the code release! Some very complicated but cool stuff here :).

Are you planning on releasing CAD and your board this year? It seems like your website hasn’t been updated at all for 2016 and I’m hoping you still release those very useful resources!