paper: Team 1241: Robot Playbook

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Team 1241: Robot Playbook
by: Thuvishan.R

2017 Robot Playbook. Attached in PDF format.

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2017-THEORY6-Playbook.pdf (334 KB)

Team 1241 THEORY6 is proud to release our 2017 Playbook which has been revised and perfected over the course of the past three seasons (2014 - 2016). You may have heard teams from Ontario talking about this document through various webinars or in person.

The purpose of this document is to provide an overall understanding of the Rick Hansen Robotics Design Process to design and build a robot competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). This document highlights all of the important steps to be taken, gives a suggested timeline to complete these steps, and provides guidance on how each of these steps should be carried out.

If you have any questions about the 2017 Playbook, you can post them here, or you can contact our team through our Facebook page here, twitter here(@frc1241) or at

Glad this is shared on Chief now! Great work guys.

4476 has had the pleasure of having this resource shared with us by 1241 and it has definitely helped shape our build season timeline and methodology. The document is super detailed with specific timings which we have really used as a baseline for our own team and slowly modified to our needs.

The way that 1241 makes prototypes is one of those strengths that a lot of top tier teams have, and is something that we specifically been working as a team to emulate recently. Detailed, well thought out prototypes that don’t diverge from the final design is a goal that I think more teams should strive towards to, and something that we have seen first hand the success of with some of our robots/mechanisms. We have been guilty of “going through the motions” during prototypes in some cases, and I think that’s an issue that is probably pretty widespread.

Thanks again for the resource!

Our team has had the pleasure of having this resource for the past few weeks pre-release and we want to thank Team 1241 for it.

Team 188 is under-going some drastic changes this coming year since one of our lead teachers is taking a year off, and the other retired. We also have an influx of rookies, with our total signup sheet count is north of 40 students. So the mantle of running the team, admin and technical, has fallen to some of the university graduate alumni.

Given that situation, we reached out to these guys and they were more than happy to help out on quite a short notice. We have laid out a preliminary plan for our season based on this document, and we’re excited to see how this season turns out.

I have had the pleasure of working along with Thuvishan through my 5 years of university, and its been an absolute treat to see Team 1241 go from a midfield competitor right to the top. Once again, I am thankful to him, Malavya, and their team for helping us out, and releasing this document for the rest of the FRC community.

We at Team 188, look forward to working with our friends on the other side of the 6ix, on and off the field in 2017!

This is a fantastic idea. Nice work guys! I might try to convince some of our students and mentors to compile a similar document for our team this year. Just reading over yours gave me sanity checklist of things to not forget for the upcoming season. ::rtm::

Thanks for posting this!