paper: Team 1538 / The Holy Cows - 2013 Chairman's Submission & Executive Summary

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Team 1538 / The Holy Cows - 2013 Chairman’s Submission & Executive Summary
by: Jon Jack

This is our submission and executive summary for the 2013 Chairman’s Award.

Here you’ll find the submission and executive summary submitted by Team 1538 / The Holy Cows for the 2013 Chairman’s Award.

The information in both of these documents was from February 2013 and changed during March and April. The Championship judges were given updated information during the team’s presentation on April 26th, 2013.

2013ChairmansSubmission.pdf (96.9 KB)
2013ExecutiveSummary.pdf (83.1 KB)

Thanks for sharing - I’ve always appreciated the resources your team has made public here on CD and on your site, and sharing your CCA winning submission is incredibly generous. I can’t wait to see the video!

Want… video! :cool:

Thanks so much for posting this!

Also, congrats on the win! :smiley:

Great essay and congrats!

If you wouldn’t mind could you provide a little bit more info about your MMS. We are losing our NASA machine shop in NC next year and are looking into making our own MMS.

Feel free to PM me.