paper: Team 1640 "Pivot Drive" LabVIEW Library

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Team 1640 “Pivot Drive” LabVIEW Library
by: jcbc

Team 1640’s 2011 “Pivot Drive” (i.e. swerve) code, packaged as a LabVIEW library with an example project.

Ben Rajcan, Team 1640’s lead programmer in 2011, has packaged the team’s “Pivot Drive” (swerve) code from 2011 as a LabVIEW library. It works with the LabVIEW FRC 2012 image. The zip file includes the library, an example project (for our 2011 robot) using the library, and a brief HTML file explaining how to use the library.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. (448 KB)

For information about the drive train of DEWBOT VII, the robot that the test project is written for, please see Team 1640’s DEWBOT VII Drive Train page.

This is a great reference for teams looking to do a swerve/pivot drive. I have always been amazed by 1640’s design and the wiki page really helped me to understand how it came about. Plus it is really cool when you can go to there pits and play with an actual drive linked up to a vex controller. Great job guys.


Great code base - thanks for sharing. How do you calibrate the pivot encoders? My test pivot just drifts despite my attempt to calibrate. Is there a calibration VI buried in your test code that I missed?


Thanks! After the competition season is done, I plan on encouraging my lead programmer to publish the new and improved drive code.

At this point, we physically calibrate the wheels to zero, i.e. loosen the sensor set screw, turn the wheel to the desired angle to be “zero”, turn the sensor until the code reports the angle is zero, and then tighten the set screw. The sensors don’t seem to drift too much from the angle of the wheel, but we sometimes do need to re-calibrate. We keep meaning to put in auto-calibration code, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

how to control the robot mode swerve drive with joystick?