paper: Team 1640 Scouting Sheets

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Team 1640 Scouting Sheets
by: Siri

Template for 1640’s final 2013 scouting sheets, match, pit and pre-event scouting matrix and addendum labels.

Color-coded template of1640’s final 2013 scouting sheets. Includes:
Matrix for all matches: auto & teleop goals/misses, climb level & est. time, defense rank, #tech fouls, comments.
Pit scouting: DT, height, CG, max climb, floor pickup, strengths, weaknesses.
Stats: maximum previous OPR for auto, teleop and climb as well as list of elim finishes and draft numbers.

Tracking: see Tracking Labels. Used to tally choices per match: which feeder station (protected/unprotected, close/far or floor); crossing location (mid-field, nominally “safe” by their pyramid or under opposing); and shooting location (center/left/right, whether “safe”/inside). Labels are filled out by separate scouts, peeled off and stuck on the back of the matrix sheets after each match.

Worlds Scouting 2013 Template.xlsx (28 KB)
Scout Talley Labels.pdf (173 KB)