paper: Team 1640's Robotics Driver's Licenses for Kids

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Team 1640’s Robotics Driver’s Licenses for Kids
by: Siri

"Driver’s Licenses" that Team 1640 gives out to kids at our demos.

This is a sample of the “Robotics Driver’s Licenses” that Team 1640 gives out to kids at our demos after they “drive” one of our robots. (We have a special drive mode that only operates the kicker on our 2010 Breakaway robot, etc.) Kids love them, and they carry it around as sort of “business card” for the team with our name, address, email, and website on it. (Siri Maley, 2010)

Team 1640 Robotics Drivers Licenses for Kids.docx (856 KB)

That is awesome! Do you mind if we use that idea aswell?

We have been doing this as well - the kids love it! Giving out a driver’s license also makes for a great way to keep things moving during an interactive demo (you get to say “thanks for driving! here, have a license” instead of “okay, let’s give someone else a turn” :D).

Very true. We also love putting it on signs for demos:
Get Your Robotics Driver’s License!
Downingtown Area Robotics
Room xxx

Definitely gets people’s attention. :wink:

Thanks for posting this! It is a great idea.

Idea is open to anyone! Glad people are so interested. :slight_smile:

What fun!