paper: Team 1678 Electronic Scouting System

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Team 1678 Electronic Scouting System
by: donald_pinckney

A summary and description of the scouting system Team 1678, Citrus Circuits developed and used in the 2013 competition season.

Citrus Circuits presents a whitepaper of their 2013 scouting system,

In a nutshell, the system uses multiple Android tablets used for uploading data, stores data on a central server, and features a native iPhone app for viewing this data in realtime, to be used for strategizing both alliance selections and qualification matches.

We designed the system to be extremely reusable for future years, and look forward to improving and employing it this coming year.

We hope to inspire other teams to implement their own scouting systems, as building it was a huge learning process for us.

Scouting Whitepaper.pdf (3.14 MB)

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