paper: Team 180 2014 Scouting Program

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Team 180 2014 Scouting Program
by: Warren Boudreau

Files for Team SPAM’s 2014 Poor Man’s Scouting System.

I am happy to release this year’s version of Team SPAM’s Poor Man’s Scouting System. One improvement this year is the calculation of effective score for each match a team plays and the addition of standard deviation for the effective scores of each team.

PM me with any questions you may have or just ask in this thread.

2014scoutingAsize_v1.pdf (335 KB) (582 KB) (6.59 KB) (602 KB) (595 KB)
2014scoutingAsize_rev3.pdf (335 KB) (589 KB)
2014_Scouting_Database_v2.1.zipx (573 KB) (618 KB)

I just wanted to make sure that other teams were allowed to use this sheet. After trying to make our own sheet, my team saw this one and instantly knew we wanted something like this.

Yes S.P.A.M. posts this each year so that anyone interested may use it as is, or modify it to suit their needs.