paper: Team 20 Strategy 2018 POWER UP Clipboard Files

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Team 20 Strategy 2018 POWER UP Clipboard Files
by: KrazyCarl92

Files for POWER UP strategy clipboard handouts from Team 20 that will be distributed at the 2018 Central New York and Tech Valley Regionals.

For years Team 20 has made our own strategy boards for planning out our matches with our alliance. Back again this year, we will be welcomign teams to our regional competitions by making one for each team and handing them out on practice day!

For around $2.50 per team, we were able to make strategy clipboards with a laminated diagram of the field attached to the front and the rules crib sheet from the FIRST website attached to back. We also will distribute 4 packs of dry erase markers and mini dry erasers to each team so they had everything they would need to make use of the strategy boards. Our hope is to give more teams some tools they can use to maximize preparedness for their matches.

Good luck to all teams!

2018 Strategy Clipboard Printout.pdf (277 KB)
2018 Strategy Clipboard Rules Cheat Sheet.pdf (238 KB)