paper: Team 2996 Scout System/Database

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Team 2996 Scout System/Database
by: Zholl

A spreadsheet to store, view, and analyze match data for OPR, CCWM, and +/- for the game Lunacy

This spreadsheet stores scout data for the game Lunacy. All data must be hand entered, unfortunately, but I’m working on a way to fix that. The front sheet is a search page based on the databases provided by Ed Law, but the rest is custom built. Includes a page for calculating OPR and Ed Law’s CCWM, which is set up for the teams attending the Colorado Regional, according to TBA.

This system is set up for the Colorado Regional, but anyone with intermediate skill in excel should be able to scale it and edit it for others

Note: This is currently a beta version of the system, as I am still working out some kinks in how the system will ultimately work. If any of the numbers generated by this system seem to be incorrect, drop me a pm and I’ll try to fix it. Also, there is a partial entry in the Raw Data section. This was meant to test the search sheet, and does not represent any real data.

Scout System beta v.5.xls (174 KB)
Scout_System_beta_v.6.xls (182 KB)
Scout_System_beta_v.7.xls (301 KB)

Updates in version 0.6

  • “Raw Data” page now pulls all average stats for each team as well as each calculated stat (OPR, DPR, CCWM, +/-)
  • Sample matrix added for ease of testing calculated stats retrieval

Planned Updates for version 0.7

  • Bot picture retrieval for each team
  • Individual match stats retrieval in addition to average scores
  • DPR calculation matrix and data retrieval setup
  • Rankings in addition to raw calculated stat scores

Updates version 0.7

  • Added individual scoring and alliance scoring for matches in search page
  • Added a sheet for storing individual match scores and alliances
  • Tweaked interface
  • Added match number tracking for teams in Raw Data
  • Added DPR matrix system and data retrieval
  • Calculated stats (OPR, DPR, CCWM, +/-) are now ranked in Raw Data and the search page

Planned Future updates

  • Picture retrieval
  • Cleaner interface

If anyone can explain to me how to add picture retrieval, it would be a big help, since I can’t seem to get it.