paper: Team 33 Scouting Sheets 2013

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Team 33 Scouting Sheets 2013
by: IKE

This excel file contains the scouting sheets for FRC Team 33 for the 2013 robotics season. This scouting sheet is based heavily off of an effort conducted by FRC Team 3929.

This excel file contains the scouting sheets for FRC Team 33 for the 2013 robotics season. This scouting sheet is based heavily off of an effort conducted by FRC Team 3929. We went away for a Box per match to a line per match format. We did this after seeing FRC 3929s sheet on CD and trying it out watching Week 1 videos. Each row is a match. Each column is a metric. The boxes down below are to simulate the field and allow the scout to draw starting position and movement during auton. Many key metric were input into a spreadsheet for automated ranking.

Check-List_2013.xlsx (30.2 KB)

Attached is the Team 33 scouting sheet for 2013. This sheet is based heavily off of 3929s scouting sheet that they posted earlier this year. We use black and white to keep the printing cheap. Added several tweaks, and overall love the new format. This format was also nice at a 12 match tournament fits on a single side as well as notes and figures for auton starting positions.

This sheet was very useful during our pick-list meetings this year. I actually perfer to sort and ahve a handful of sheets to look at as opposed to any database I have seen (showing averages and std. dev. and…) Looking downt he column, it was very easy to spot trends and or reliability issues. It was also easy to spot when a team missed their auton due to being out of their favorite spot (very helpful to know if you have the same favorite spot).

Also attached in this spreadsheet are the drafts of the pit crews check-lists. I drafted these lists with the pit crew kids during the final days of build. I am sure they have updated them since then.

Oh a note of how to utilise the sheets. We have 6 students souting each robot, each match. Tehre is a 7th “lead scout” that is in charge of organizing the incoming and outgoing sheets based off of the match schedule. We also have a Data Scout who enters important objective metrics into a spreasheet for us to run stats. We use folders that keep the teams in order, and divide them in half (20/20) for a District or in thirds for MSC (22/22/22), or ??? for Champs (I am not sure what my leads did other than a great job). A big accordian style file works really well. We worked witha team that tried using a binder because they were afraid of loosing sheets. The binder was too slow to hand out and return the sheets between matches. Comments are really important, and tend to improve as the season improves. Scouts listen to what sort of comments are important in pick-list meetings, and then tend to notice those behaviours even better as the season continues.

Pen & paper ftw!

There’s no better way. We’ve been doing it this way over the last 2 years and its been great.

Do you do any kind of pre-match summary for the drive team with this information? Just wondering how you summarize for them.

We have a seperate group do match scouting. 1718 did a lecture series where we talk about that. The #1 rule of match scouting is know they customer (your coach). The #2 rule is give reliable information. The #3 rule is give timely information.
Our coach (Jim Zondag) wants to know what our partners and opponents typically do (in all 3 phases of the game), and what we recommend the strategy for 33 and our partners should be. If this requires modification to our robot or one of our partners, it must be known early enough to propose, negotiate, and create such a modification. We usually give average or peak scoring capability (if data is available and varies). It is important that the scout understand that the coach may have a different plan, or the parnters may not agree to the plan. We only give Jim the card 1-2 matches in advance so he doesn’t get them confused. That way we also have the newest/freshest data.

If your interested, here is the link to the recording of the seminar.