paper: Team 33 Scouting templates

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Team 33 Scouting templates
by: IKE

Attached is an excel workbook of the worksheets Team 33 used as part of their scouting efforts for 2011.

Attached is an excel workbook that has a series of worksheets that team 33 used for scouting in 2011. Per the students request, our sheet went to a vertical format in 2011 for the data sheet. During competition, each team at the competition will have a data sheet that will be handed out to 1 of 6 scouters for each match. Sheets are then collected after the match and resorted.
Also within this excel workbook is a pick list worksheet. It will have 1-24 ranked according to interest. It also has a complete list of team below to help sort teams. Bubble is used to keep the next few teams out of our 24. DNP stand for Do Not Pick. DNP is usually reserved for breakdowns, or teams that would not work with our strategy for various reasons.
This workbook also contains a Minibot and Human player worksheet as well as a event sheets with room for comments for my own personal pit scouting, and general comment gathering.

2011_SCOUTING_33_arch.xls (235 KB)
Arch_Pick_List.pdf (27.6 KB)

Attached are a series of worksheet we used for our 2011 scouting. I posted these to assist with the Sunday Scouting discussion. While these sheets are a large portion of our scouting, we also have several other tools that we use to supplement strategy and scouting.

Please keep in mind that these are not necessarily “the best” way to scout, but more one of many effective ways to scout. Each year we refine our scouting process and hopefully get a little better.

Here is a link to last years scouting sheet:

Also, I have been working on a comprehensive “good” universal scouting booklet for the lone scout:
Attached is an early prototype of the booklet.
Feedback I have received from others are that there are too many items in teh spider chart, so I will likely reduce these in the future.