paper: Team 3337 Sponsor Packet

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Team 3337 Sponsor Packet
by: MysterE

This is Team 3337, Panthrobotics, Sponsorship Packet.

After looking at a large number of other examples both from FIRST teams and other avenues, this is the Sponsor Packet that was completed to help us raise the funds needed for this season. This is our first packet so please review if you can.

Sponsorship Packet Final.pdf (2.42 MB)

I took a quick look at it. I didn’t read it in detail, but just skimmed over it to see the highlights. The first thing that strikes me is that there aren’t many hightlights. Much of the text runs together without bold text to introduce new topics. My thinking is that you may be better off to break up the text some with headings so the sponsors can skim over it and stop to read the details of sections that catch their interest.