paper: Team 537's 2016 Swerve Drive Module

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Team 537’s 2016 Swerve Drive Module
by: tkozic537

Our 4-wheel offset design for our swerve module; it is not final and still requires some further modifications and minor adjustments.

See summary

Final assembly Swerve (19.1 MB)

Your module looks pretty solid. Your caster box (the part with plates, dead axle, wheel) is well designed and looks like a good starting point if you ever choose to revise.
Your assembly is missing a few pieces, but the most major ones you are missing are 1. bearings on the coaxial vertical shaft 2. a connection between the module rotation gear and the module itself and 3. thrust bearings on the module. You need all of those things (although the second is debatable) in order for this design to get off the ground.

You also seem to be using a whopping 3 stages of reduction on the BAG motor to rotate your module, not to mention an encoder stage. You can probably get away with just 2 stages of reduction and using an external encoder for rotation. Similarly, you don’t need any reduction on your CIM apart from what you can get with the gear train going to the coaxial shaft, so you don’t need to use a versaplanetary. Instead, consider going with a 3D printed CIMcoder with an AMT-103/102 encoder and save yourself money, weight, and space.