paper: Team Titanium 2016 LabVIEW Code

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Team Titanium 2016 LabVIEW Code
by: jSchnitz

Team 1986’s LabVIEW code. Nothing too fancy, but it got us pretty far.

This has both robot code and dashboard code, as vision is run on the dashboard.

Some features include:
-Fully automated aiming with vision
-Automated cheval crossing.
-At least 34 autonomous modes.
-Semi-automated climbing.

I’d love to answer any questions anyone may have. (9.31 MB)

Thanks Jacob for sharing this year’s code with the community. Very cool to see the team take on new technologies and challenges each year. The students on Team Titanium, FRC 1986 continue to inspire me.

One of the minor things the team had to work through was noise generated by the IR sensors on the analog channel interfering with an analog potentiometer used for position control. First time using IR sensors. Had a lot of fun designing a filter to help stabilize the pot.