paper: Team Unlimited Scouting Database FINAL (FTC)

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Team Unlimited Scouting Database FINAL (FTC)
by: gdo

This is a Microsoft Access Database file that all teams can use for scouting in Atlanta. It has information given to Team Unlimited already in the database.

Final version of a Mircosoft Access File that is to be used for the 2007-2008 FTC competition in Atlanta for the purpose of scouting. This file contains information from various teams.

There are two files attached. File 1 is the actual database file, and File 2 is a Microsoft Visio file that has printouts for scouting.

I hope that these files are helpful to teams! We will have this data in our pits, and we will be willing to share it at the competition directly via a USB thumbdrive.

Even though we have data on more teams than are in this report, the report only has teams that are attending the Internationals in Atlanta for FTC this year.

This data is open source, all teams are welcome to use it. If you have any questions on how to use it, any problems that arise, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you all!

~Patrick Pilvines of Team Unlimited (FTC 1)

P.S. Best of luck to everyone in Atlanta!

Atlanta Database.mdb (1.19 MB)
Field_Scouting.vsd (80.5 KB)