paper: Teams impacted by Severe Winter Weather - Regional Assistance Program

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Teams impacted by Severe Winter Weather - Regional Assistance Program
by: SteveGPage

Database tracking system used to assist teams at the 2010 Chesapeake Regional. Developed due to the severe winter weather of 2010.

This was a system we (FRC 836) developed to help assist teams at the 2010 Chesapeake Regional. Many teams, due to “Snowmaggeddon” had lost about 2 weeks in the midst of the build season. Due to this, we contacted our Regional committee to see if we could assist in getting assistance to teams, primarily on Thursday, and also ongoing as needed.

Prior to the regional, we contacted each team to ask two questions. (1) Do you need assistance, and if so, what kind of assistance do you need? (We then listed a number of categories to select). (2) Can you provide assistance to other teams, and if so, what kind of assistance can you provide? (Also the list of categories).

From those responses we then created a list of teams and individuals who we could draw upon during the regional. The Regional committee also contacted several companies and organizations in the area to see if we could get additional technical assistance. NI supplied us with two full time consultants on Thursday, one team had a Labview expert who we then used for the rest of the competition to assist with programming issues.

I am attaching a zip file with the following:
Snowmaggeddon Database (with a couple of records still left in, as examples - with most personal info removed)
Letter printed out and given to each team when they checked in, to be dropped off at Pit Admin, which was then given to us. (Pit Admin at the CR was kind enough to let us set up a coordination table right next to them)
The logo one of our students created. We created pins for volunteers helping other teams, who wore this pin. Also we created a large banner in front of our coordination table with the logo in the middle.
The Schema info, if that is of any interest to you.

Please feel free to use this if you would like to set up something similar at your regional.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Please stay safe in this inclement weather.

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Snowmeggedon Tracking (425 KB)

We lost several weeks last year due to the snow storms in the DC area. Unfortunately, that is now being played out with many teams in the mid-west and the New England states. This is what we did to assist teams last year. Maybe some of you can use it this year.

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