paper: The Complete Guide to the FRC Chairman's Award

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The Complete Guide to the FRC Chairman’s Award
by: Red2486

After months of hard work and revisions, FRC Team 2486, the CocoNuts, presents “The Complete Guide to the FRC Chairman’s Award”.

This document is broken into 12 chapters, covering everything from why you should apply for the Chairman’s Award, to the details of each part of a Chairman’s submission, to how you can help more teams apply for the Chairman’s Award, brought to you by FRC Team 2486, the CocoNuts.

Chairman’s Guide Final .pdf (534 KB)
The Complete Guide to the FRC Chairman’s Award 2.0.pdf (535 KB)

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Nice work from a great team,


Thanks Ed! We hope you guys are doing well!

We are very well… I wish I had a couple of months and the money to follow your team around and document what your team is doing. Great stuff… It ought to be on TV.

I echo Ed’s statements.

Great work!

Thank you both so much! It means a lot coming from such prestigious teams. :slight_smile:

As a non-prestigious-team representative, thank you for publishing this. Our Chairman’s committee students think it is really cool, valuable, and inspirational. If we do perform well in the judges’ eyes in 2014, we’ll certainly give your team credit for the extra motivation.

This is a terrific document. Could we link it on NEMO?

Taylor, thank you so much for the feedback. If your team needs anything or has any questions this season, please let us know!

Jenny, that would be absolutely fantastic! We are also working with the great people on Panteras UP (FRC 2283) to translate the guide into Spanish. I don’t know if that would be helpful for NEMO, but if you would like to use that once it is released, you certainly can as well.

I just came across this and WOW. This is probably one of the best guides to Chairmans I have come across. Very well done, and even as a veteran of preparing the award I’ve picked up some new things in my read through.

This is a great resource for teams of all levels. Thank you so much for putting this together and uploading.

Thank you very much! One of our goals with the guide was to not only help newly applying teams create a strong submission, but to also help veteran teams strengthen their submissions, so I’m glad we’ve accomplished that goal for you! :slight_smile: