paper: The Design Simple Guide to JeVois for FRC

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The Design Simple Guide to JeVois for FRC
by: asid61

A thorough step-by-step guide on using JeVois in the easiest possible way for a non-programmer

If you have only a rudimentary understanding of programming and a very sharp budget, this guide is for you! This paper describes a step-by-step method for getting GRIP working with the JeVois.
Note that this is considerably more involved and complicated than using GRIP on a Kangaroo- more information on that coming soon.

The Design Simple Guide to JeVois.pdf (2.9 MB)

Was Part 2 of this guide ever released? I could use some guidance on how to use the serial output and read it on the Rio.

If so please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for the work you have done so far.

Sorry, I never had a chance to try it with a RoboRIO. However, it should be pretty simple in theory to get it working with a RoboRIO USB port.
WPIlib provides libraries or sending serial data over the USB port, in the same manner something like an Arduino would interact with it. You can implement the same thing on the Jevois. I had trouble finding documentation on USB communications with the Jevois, so you might need to email the Jevois team and ask them how to get it talking to a computer/RoboRIO.
And easy way to test that it’s working would be to plug it into your computer and use the Arduino 1.6 COM Port monitor to read/write data (the same way I do it in the paper). That way, you can edit the JeVois program to send over the data you need and test it with your computer before plugging it into a robot and testing with WPIlib’s USB communication.

I’d be nice to wrap up some Jevois documentation for the RIO before season. Also, my impression is that the software from Jevois (Inventor 0.3.0) makes it simpler to program the device, so it is something to maybe add if updating documentation.

I am currently extensively working with jevois to do vision with roborio. I have gotten a stream of data coming from the jevois connected to the roborio to my computer. I have also worked with team 2073 and they were super nice to help me. Once I am done I will be posting about my process.

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Dang, I didn’t see that! Unfortunately I tried booting up my Jevois yesterday and it got broken in transportation or something, so no Jevois for a while I think.

I’ll be interested in seeing how you do it!

I have worked with JeVois Inventor since beta 0.1.0 was released.
Yes, it will make coding JeVois much easier and faster!

I haven’t posted about it yet because I feel it has just enough quarks about it that I just couldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t already familiar with JeVois and its idiosyncrasies. For example, you currently can’t stream mjpg with it. Sure, the workaround is simply to develop using YUYV and just remember to change the videomapping.cfg to cause your code to stream in mjpg when finished. It’s just awkward to remember to swap it back and forth.

There are other minor issues I am waiting to see be ironed out before I write up another Whitepaper. Specifically, I would LOVE to see one of the tabs allow the development of a costume tuning application. Either that, or allow you to drop in your own script. Maybe something like a Tkinter script!

I truly believe JeVois Inventor will be a fantastic tool once it’s features are ironed out.