paper: The rookie year of FRC Team 2550

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The rookie year of FRC Team 2550
by: jess523s

Oregon City Robotics is very, very cool. This is why:

A 32-page document describing our team and program including pictures. We are taking copies of these to the world FRC Championship to educate others about our program. This packet is entirely student-made.
This is an extremely low quality. The copy we printed out was 40 MB, so the pictures were a lot nicer than this 2 MB file.

2008_OCPro_2550.pdf (1.91 MB)

Please give us some constructive criticisms.

And batteries : )

Scratch the second part.
At the time of writing, our crate containing our batteries, tools, and so on, was in limbo.
But I guess limbo isn’t too hard to find if you pry hard enough : )