paper: Trapezoidal Motion Profile Generator

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Trapezoidal Motion Profile Generator
by: Ether

Sinusoidal Motion Profile Equations, Code, & Plots



Sinusoidal Accel Profile
How to calculate a smooth sinusoidal acceleration motion profile,
given max accel and distance-to-target.
PDF file includes equations, example plots, and working Maxima scripts:

Sinusoidal accel motion profile generator Win32 console app
for off-line profile generation

cascaded position and velocity loops with feedforward.

x(t) v(t) a(t) motion profile with TalonSRX in speed-control mode.

x(t) v(t) a(t) motion profile with TalonSRX in position-control mode.


Sinusoidal Accel Profile.mac.txt (591 Bytes)
Trapezoidal Accel Profile.mac.txt (1.51 KB)

x(t) v(t) a(t) revA.png

sinusoidal acceleration motion profile revC.pdf (149 KB) (50.2 KB)

I see that this is desired behavior, but how do we poke the robot so it does what we want?

Is ‘v’ proportional to the motor output? Seems like we would tune ‘amax’ until the robot drives the desired distance in the desired time.

Is motor output a combination of ‘v’ and the different between actual ‘x’ and desired ‘x’?

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I am curious as to why you are proposing this equation based method when the filter based method posted from post #18 in this thread:

The filter method is so much more real time friendly and flexible as you can determine the motion acceleration type just by manipulating the filter lengths.


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