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by: IKE

This is a puzzle from an old “Science & Magic” book i found last week at a garage sale. I think this Forum will really enjoy it.

This is a puzzle from an old “Science & Magic” book i found last week at a garage sale. A picture of the test fixture was on the cover, and thus I had to spend the $0.25 for the book. attached is a pdf i scanned of the puzzle and its solution.

triple_shape.pdf (166 KB)

This PDF contains a puzzle and its solution that I found particularly interesting for FIRSTers. It has a block of wood with a circle, square, and a triangle cut into it. Students are given clay and instructed to make a solid 3D shape that when properly oriented, it would exactly match the profiles in the block.
The resultant shape reminds me of the speech Dean gave at the championship for Dean’s List (I think). The one about the logo and how the cone, cylinder, and sphere are related.
Personally, I think the resultant shape of challenge would make an excellent award. It has a solid base and a nice presentation face and proportion to it. If anyone has contacts at the main office, please forward this on.


But I wanted to read pages 114-115, and learn how he confuses the students…

I didn’t realise I skipped those pages. Basically, you give them some modeling clay and say:“Go to it”. When they come up to you with almost right solutions, you say: “OK, it works for that one, but does it work for all three?” Over and Over and Over until the meeting is over, and then you pull out the magic solution peg.

That’s really cool! Our team always does brain teaser warm up things before kick off, I think I’ll bring this one up and see if others can get it. Great find :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, Ike. I posted something similar a while back. These three shapes are particularly interesting to the FIRST community. :]